Site News: Faculty members of Nottingham University Malaysia joined Scientific Malaysian

The Scientific Malaysian team would like to extend our warm welcome to several faculty members of University of Nottingham Malaysia, who recently signed up on our website.
They are:

  • Professor Md Enamul Hoque (Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering)
  • Dr Jit-kai Chin (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering)
  • Dr Tomas Maul (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science)
  • Dr Lim Yin Sze (Assistant Professor in Nutrition, Faculty of Science)
  • Mr S.Anandan Shanmugam (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering)
  • Dr Ajit Singh (Faculty of Science)
  • Dr Mohamad Rafi Segi Rahmat (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering)
  • Dr Neil Mennie (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science)

Members of Scientific Malaysian should take this opportunity to ask them questions about the opportunities available at the Nottingham University Malaysia Campus.

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Photo credit: University of [email protected]