News: Eppendorf Asia Pacific Supports BioNexus Companies

Eppendorf Asia Pacific (AP) Sdn. Bhd. has recently announced its support for BioNexus-status companies in Malaysia.

In addition to the benefits provided by BiotechCorp, these companies will be receiving additional support in the form of preferential prices and free maintenance support from Eppendorf AP. This scheme is to assist laboratory set-up in new and existing BioNexus-status companies until the end of 2012.   

Managing Director of Eppendorf South and Southeast Asia, Ms Shim Yoke Lam commented on the positive development of biotechnology in Malaysia since 1995 and Epperdorf AP intends to contribute to this development as a manufacturer and supplier of general laboratory products. In Malaysia, Eppendorf operates as the AP Headquarters managing the South and Southeast Asian operations.

BiotechCorp is the lead development agency providing support, facilitation and advisory services for biotechnology and life science-based companies in Malaysia. BioNexus is a special status awarded to international and Malaysian biotechnology companies assured with benefits as well as fiscal incentives and grants to assist growth of the awarded companies. Since 2005, Biotechcorp has facilitated the development of 213 BioNexus-status companies.

The support and recognition of the biotechnology industry in Malaysia by Eppendorf AP promises significant and sustainable growth of the industry in years to come. 

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Press Release:

Eppendorf to support BioNexus Companies in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, 

May 8, 2012 – Eppendorf Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd has announced its support for biotechnology companies that have been granted BioNexus status in Malaysia. The support will be in the form of additional benefits to top up the fiscal incentives, grants and guarantees endowed by their BioNexus status.

Specifically, any company supported by BiotechCorp under its BioNexus scheme can avail preferential prices and free maintenance support from the designated Eppendorf network in Malaysia. This incentive was crafted to support the laboratory set-up of new Bionexus companies but is also open to existing BioNexus companies until end of 2012.

“The simple idea came about when Datuk Dr Mohd Nazlee Kamal, CEO of BiotechCorp, asked if there is anything Eppendorf could contribute to enhance the support provided to BioNexus companies.” clarified Ms Shim Yok Lam, Managing Director (Eppendorf South & Southeast Asia). “After all, Eppendorf has been in Malaysia since 1995, using Malaysia as a base for its regional support activities. We have watched the positive development of Malaysian biotechnology since then, and had been thinking how we could contribute in our position as a manufacturer and supplier of general laboratory products.”

Qualified companies will be contacted by BiotechCorp soon, and would further be receiving their incentive vouchers from Eppendorf Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd soon after that.


About Eppendorf Group
Eppendorf is a biotech company which develops, produces and distributes systems for use in life-science research laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes, dispensers and centrifuges as well as consumables such as micro test tubes and pipette tips. In addition, Eppendorf provides instruments and systems for cell manipulation, automated devices for liquid handling, complete equipment for DNA amplification and biochips. Eppendorf was founded in Hamburg in 1945 and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in 20 countries and is represented in all other markets by distributors. In Malaysia, the Eppendorf operations include the Asia Pacific HQ and South & Southeast Asian operations. It operates the AP Customer Support Center and Eppendorf Training Center. Eppendorf provides direct aftersales support to Malaysian customers. For further details, visit

About BiotechCorp
BiotechCorp is the lead development agency for the biotech industry in Malaysia and acts as a central contact point providing support, facilitation and advisory services for biotech and life sciences companies in Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2005, BiotechCorp has played a key role in building the biotech industry in Malaysia. To date, BiotechCorp has facilitated the development of 213 BioNexus-status companies in Malaysia with total approved investment of RM 2.22 billion. BioNexus-status companies are international and Malaysian biotech companies that qualify for fiscal incentives, grants and guarantees administered by BiotechCorp. For further details, visit