News: 12 Tonnes of Oil Palm Biomass Shipped to Italy

Photo by Ahmad Fuad Morad @ Flickr

MYBiomass Sdn. Bhd., a unit under the Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) shipped twelve tonnes of oil palm biomass to a pilot plant in Italy that converts raw material into industrial sugar.

“We are excited by the pace of development as we watch the first shipment of trunks, empty fruit bunches and fronds sent for testing in existing facilities in Europe,” MIGHT president and chief executive officer Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman, said.

This shipment is an initial co-operation between MIGHT, Felda Global Venture Holdings Berhad (FGVH) and Sime Darby Berhad under the Malaysian Biomass Initiative (MBI) endorsed by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the second Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council Meeting last month.

MYBiomass focuses on the conversion of oil palm biomass into high-value green chemicals with the aim to bring Malaysia as one of the world leader in green chemical production. Feedstock shipped to Italy will be tested on its suitability to be converted into industrial grade sugar. If this initiative is successful at a commercial level, MIGHT said that there were plans for the MBI to build a plant for such purpose in Malaysia.

Being the second largest palm oil producer after Indonesia, the outcome from this initiative would boost the current commodity production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO). “This has a 360-degree impact on everything from creating thousands of jobs in rural communities to downstream activities in logistics and transportation and, perhaps most importantly, new, high-value, knowledge-based growth in these science and technology-related fields of the bio-economy,” Yusoff said.

The implementation of green science and technology in agriculture from this initiative highlights the advantages and opportunities for further development of palm oil biomass in Malaysia.


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