Workshop: Introductory Bioinformatics Workshop at Perdana University

Photo by Skolkovo Foundation/Flickr.

The six-day workshop will be held on the 9th-14th July 2012 at the Perdana University Interim Campus, Serdang. A keynote lecture entitled “Future of Bioinformatics: Challenges and Opportunities” will also be delivered by Assoc. Prof. Tan Tin Wee from the National University of Singapore (NUS). This workshop welcomes individuals with basic molecular biology and computer skills including students in life sciences, bioinformatics scientists and industry partners. 

In this six-day workshop, essential bioinformatics topics such as biological databases and bioinformatics tools, sequence comparison, biological pattern / profile search and 3D structure visualisation and modelling, are covered with hands-on practicals on the theories and concepts. Participants interested in developing the skills further, will be given the opportunity to sign-up for the advanced Session 2 to be held in October 2012, where they will tackle a research problem of interest to them.

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