News: Malaysia to host ecological conservation training programmes for government officials

Photo by Magnus von Koeller/Flickr.
Photo by Magnus von Koeller/Flickr.

This September, the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS-ITBC) will provide ecological conservation training to approximately 20 government officer participants under the Integrated Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Training Course.

Eligible candidates include government officials from ASEAN, the Pacific islands, South Asian and African nations. The programme will be held in the Forestry Department, the Wildlife Department and Sabah Parks – 50% of the funding for the training will be provided by Wisma Putra under the Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme and the other 50% by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

”The training is aimed at providing them the knowledge and skills on conservation management from planning to implementation, monitoring and evaluation,” The Star daily quoted the UMS-ITBC acting director, Assoc Prof Dr Charles Santhanaraju Vairappan, when briefing State Secretary Tan Sri Sukarti Wakiman about the programme.

Participants have to prepare a management plan on biodiversity and ecosystem management of their respective countries that reflects experiences, challenges and problems encountered in planning and evaluating environmental policies.

This programme will be conducted entirely in English. It includes lectures, seminars and field visits to various ecosystems and conservation areas in Sabah, such as Crocker Range Park Lower Kinabatangan, Lower Segama and Klias Peninsula. This year, the training will take place from the 9th of September to 30th September 2013.

The significance of this endeavor is that it will facilitate cross-border sharing of best practices in conservation and expose participants to opportunities for collaboration with regards to environmental conservation. Sabahan wildlife is an incredibly important part of the world’s biodiversity – preserving it is our prerogative.



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