RxnFinder – a tool for synthetic chemist


The ReactionFinder is the online search engine for the ChemInform Reaction Library (CIRX), a part of the ChemInform family. CIRX contains over 1.7 million reactions and covers data from 1990 to the present. CIRX is produced by organic chemists as a useful tool for the synthetic organic chemist. Data are selected from about 100 journals by precise selection criteria.

Here are 3 ways it could help you if you are into chemical synthesis.

RxnFinder_1 1. Increase your speed

As ChemInform RxnFinder not only extracts and incorporates reactions of any database on the market but also performs such actions fast, you can quickly find what you need for your work without much hassle.


2. Improve your search

ChemInform RxnFinder features a stereoselective search option. Along with its database of failed reactions, this helps you refine if a reaction works or not. In other words, with RxnFinder, you don’t waste your time with reactions that might only work on paper.

RxnFinder_23. Choose your solution

Choice is important. RxnFinder is available as either a web- based solution or as CIRX, an in-house version (ChemInform Reaction Library), that delivers the same data and search but as an air-gapped company-wide solution.

Now, here is the good news for synthetic chemists working on reactions, you can try out RxnFinder free for 30 days!

This press release was provided by Wiley Asia and was originally published here.