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PollutecThe Sustainable City Focus at Pollutec: How to work together to do it better, quicker and cheaper

Press release

Paris – October 13th 2014

This is what this year’s 3rd Sustainable City Focus at Pollutec sets out to demonstrate. The proposed programme has been drawn up in collaboration with a steering committee1 consisting of local authority associations, institutions, and trade associations. Taking the requirements of urban stakeholders as a starting point, the decision has been taken to adopt a cross-sector approach drawing on the expertise of the trades represented at the show in order to highlight solutions for high performance urban services, the smart fitting out of building and spaces, as well as new governance models to demonstrate, “How to work together to do it better, quicker and cheaper”, in France and internationally.

In order to provide the answers, the show is organizing an international symposium, a workshop forum and a visitor trail taking in relevant solutions at the show as well as arranging visits to model sites in the Rhône-Alpes region.

The second international Sustainable City Solutions symposium organized in partnership with the ERAI on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th December will feature reports from cities such as New York, Sao Paulo, Bristol and Shenyang, and will focus on the theme of financing more economical and more sustainable urban projects (with representatives of the EIB, the OECD and the WBCSF). The event’s programme also includes exclusive presentations of solutions for smart urban monitoring and management.

In parallel, a Sustainable City Forum will host a series of lectures at the heart of the show on subjects as varied as the challenges of climate changes for cities, the new planning tools, mobility and transport (eg.: ‘the last kilometre’, river transport…), optimized water management, energy efficiency for an entire quarter, high performance lighting, managing building and civil engineering waste, restoring ecological continuity… Advances in certain headline projects will also be presented: the European Transform project for energy planning by modelling the requirements of entire quarters; planned finalization of the Greenlys project in Grenoble (Bonne quarter) covering smart electricity grid, active public lighting and new services and mobility practices; the Furet project on building site reversibility… In addition, the Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy and ADEME will present the results of the “Rethinking cities in a post-carbon society” research programme and representatives of Vivapolis, the international brand for French solutions, will review what it has done since its launch a year ago. Finally, the show’s TV studio will host a Big Debate on the subject of, “the sustainable city as a tool for economic development”, together with a presentation of model cities from around the world.

From a technological point of view, a number of different innovations being presented at the show this year are relevant to the sustainable city: Data management (Flowatch…); Instrumentation-metrology-automation (AMS Systea, Andritz, Burkert, Pulsar, Xylem); Water network management (Ax’Eau, Molecor Tecnologia, Ryb, Semap Composite); Water treatment (BMES, Xylem); Monitoring the quality of ambient air (Modulo Protect); Climate protection/ energy (Armor Group…); Waste management (Palfinger, Green Creative, Harmony Europe, Sineu Graff, Gillard, Lindner, ); Management of urban wasteland (Serpol, Sita Remediation)…

NB: A ‘Sustainable City’ trail is available at all the show’s entrances.

(1) The show’s Sustainable City steering committee is made up of representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, the Foreign Ministry, ADEME, ASTEE, Les Eco Maires, AMGVF, Advancity, Le Grand Lyon, Syntec Ingénierie, Ubifrance, ERAI, Bouygues, Suez Environnement, l’AFD, Construction 21, The Shift Project.

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