Scientific Malaysian Magazine Issue 10

issue9_coverScientific Malaysian Magazine Issue 10 has just been published! This special issue consists of:


  • ICYC 2015: An international conference for young chemists to be held from 5th to 7th August in Penang, Malaysia
  • iCAST 2015: International Conference on Advancement in Science and Technology to be held from 10th to 12th August in Pahang, Malaysia


  • 10 things about 10” by Wong Chin Pin
  • Towards a scientifically-driven Malaysian society” by Mamduh Zabidi
  • The PhD graduate’s Quandary in Malaysia: Where are All the Jobs?” by Dr. Alicia Izharuddin
  • Exploring an Age-old Question: Can We Demystify Skin Colour?” by Dr. Ang Khai Chung
  • Event report: [email protected]” by Azilleo Mozihim
  • To the Malaysian Scientists…” by Dr. Koay Jun Yi

Life as a Scientist

  • Life at CERN: The Mythbuster Edition” by Hwong Yi Ling
  • SciMy Interview: Dr. Lim Boo Liat (Part II), interviewed by Dr. Lee Hooi Ling
  • SciMy Interview: Professor Datuk Dr. A. Rahman A. Jamal, interviewed by Dr. Wong Kah Keng

Special Feature

  • Thoughts from the magazine team on the publication of the milestone 10th issue
  • Best of Scientific Malaysian Articles
  • High Impact Papers by Malaysians

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