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  • I will be joining Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) this April as a postdoctoral fellow. During my stint here, I intend to apply for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation International Scholar’s Grant.
    This grant consists of 3 years at an overseas institution and potentially 2 years at the scholar’s home country. It is structured this way to ensure capacity building in developing countries in terms of pediatric cancer research.
    The grant I am planning to write focuses on targeting metabolism in childhood cancers as a novel therapeutic strategy. I will be trained in deriving orthotopic models of pediatric brain tumors at MSKCC, with the intention of bringing home this specialty to focus on childhood tumors most common in Malaysia.
    I am writing to look for potential host labs in Malaysia. If anyone here knows of any lab/hospital/institute that does research of brain cancer (or ideally, pediatric brain cancer) and could put me in touch with someone relevant, I would be most grateful. At this early stage of grant writing, all I need is a one-page description of the project and just a verbal agreement from the Malaysian institution that they will be happy to support this joint endeavor.
    Do write back to me ([email protected]) if you know anyone or would be interested in learning more.
    Thanks so much!