Prof Meharvan Singh

Prof Meharvan SinghMeharvan “Sonny” Singh, Ph.D. is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology & Neuroscience at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) in Fort Worth. He also serves as the Director of Translational Research and Education for the Insitute for Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Research (IAADR) and the Director of Research for the Center FOR HER, a women’s health center at UNTHSC. In addition, Dr. Singh currently serves as vice president of the North Texas Alzheimer’s Association board of directors.

Dr. Singh’s research focuses on how hormones, like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, affect brain function and how the presence (or absence) of these hormones might influence brain aging as well as the vulnerability of the brain to diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and certain brain cancers. Dr. Singh’s research has been published in high quality biomedical journals and is recognized by his peers as having contributed significantly to our current understanding of how these hormones affect the brain. His research has been funded from from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and private foundations such as the Alzheimer’s Association.